Amazing Quality and Flavor

Experience homegrown foods picked at exactly the right time and you’ll have a hard time going back to the grocery store. This produce will never see the back of a truck. Ability to access ultra-local foods grown by passionate gardeners who are feeding their families.

Specialized Varietals

Access hundreds of different varietals of heirloom tomato, carrot or pepper, unavailable at the grocery store or even farmers market. Plus an international assortment of exotic foods grown by your friends and neighbors. Home gardeners are not motivated by profits. They will dabble with all kinds of unique fruits and veggies in pursuit of flavour excellence.

Simplicity and Convenience

You will be alerted according to your exact preferences. Only want to know about asparagus within 3 km of your house? No problem. All notifications will come with images and user reviews so you are never surprised (in a bad way). All payments are electronic so you don't need to worry about making cash payments on the street.