New Income from Gardening

Potential to earn about $500 per 100 sq ft of land in one summer. A nice source of income for students, retired folks or anyone else who has a bit of land and loves food gardening. Instead of throwing away your excess produce during peak harvest season, sell it and use the funds to purchase other amazing foods from local gardeners.

Simplicity and Convenience

Ability to notify everyone in your neighborhood that your delicious produce is ready. Receive confirmation on your phone and leave your basket of goodies at your front door for pickup. All payments are electronic. No need to take cash or make change on the street.

Community Connections

Share your passion and make new connections within your community. Home gardeners like you don’t grow common generic items available at any grocery store. You grow the best heirloom tomatoes or rainbow carrots on your street. Spread your love of food and watch your community flourish.