Grower Sign Up
Eater Sign Up
Sending and Receiving Notifications
Pricing Simplicity

Everything will be offered for $5 per basket. Growers will determine what they believe is a fair offering for $5 (i.e. 4 tomatoes or 8 carrots or a bag of lettuce)

Eaters, set your preferences once and forget about it

We don’t have advertising on our site, which means we don’t care if you come back every day to generate “clicks”. Eaters, just give us your region of interest (i.e. within 2km of your house) and tell us what produce you might want to buy (everything or just cucumbers, perhaps). When there’s a match, you’ll get notified

Growers sending alerts

Growers, on those days in the summer when you happen to have 20 new ripe tomatoes on the vine, send an alert that you have 5 or so baskets of inventory for sale. Put them in a basket or paper bag or whatever else you see fit. Take a picture so that eaters know what to expect. Set the offer availability for a few hours or all day if you like.

Eaters getting notified:

Eaters, you’ll receive an email that says there is some delicious produce within a few blocks of your house (with a picture). Click on the button if you’re interested in picking it up in the next few hours. Once you click the button, that produce will be removed from the grower’s available inventory and will be awaiting your pickup.

Electronic payment:

Eaters, use a credit card to load some funds into your Seed Voyage account (transactions processed by Stripe, one of the leaders in web payments. Stripe is safe and secure but they charge for this service, which is why your initial deposit amount will be a bit higher than what appears in your Seed Voyage account). When you arrive to pick up the produce, click on the confirm purchase button on your phone and you’re done.


All sign-ups and registrations are free. Seed Voyage will charge a 5% fee on the transaction value when something is purchased. The fee will be removed from what the grower receives. So if a grower sells $20 worth of veggies, they will receive $19 in their Seed Voyage account, which they can transfer into their bank account or use to buy other produce from the community. Stripe will charge a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 on funds that are transferred into your bank account.