Highest Quality Food

The best veggies I ever had were homegrown by me, my family and neighbours. The grocery stores can’t compare. Farmers markets are better but the variety is limited, crowds are growing and prices getting steeper.

Unique Varieties

I know there are hundreds of passionate food gardeners in my community, growing veggie varieties I’d never heard of – amazing quality and flavour…but how do I get convenient access to these foods?

Ultra Local

We created Seed Voyage to help local neighborhood growers connect with eaters. The growers can make some nice supplemental income and the eaters will get access to the best fruits and veggies they’ve ever tasted.

What our Users are Saying


"It was really easy to offer my produce to the community. A few clicks and my food was sold. The money just appeared in my Seed Voyage account. A really useful app" - Ken (Seed Voyage Grower)

"I have been using this great app for selling any extra produce from my home garden. It is easy to use!" - Eva (Seed Voyage Grower)


"I found so many unusual things you don’t find at the grocery store and it was so fresh. I received notifications and adding funds to my account was so easy." - Jane (Seed Voyage Eater)

"It was fun to receive notifications of the unique things being grown around me. I had some amazing tomatoes and peppers. Can't wait to explore more next year." - Janis (Seed Voyage Eater)